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How Transcription Can Help Convert Your Audio or Video Recordings into Invaluable Blog Articles

Welcome all to another article about transcription.

By now, you would have come to know that transcription is the process of converting recorded speech into clean and readable transcripts, so that one can go through the content, even if the audio is not available. It basically involves a person listening to the audio and writing out what he or she is able to decipher and understand into a given format for further review. The transcript is then reviewed by another person for any discrepancies or errors and is finalized and sent to the client as a final document.

Today, what we’re going to talk and discuss about is how to use the transcription process to convert your audio and video recordings into clean and readable transcripts, which in turn will help you formulate invaluable blog articles. 

A typical hour-long audio or video recording will have numerous words, when converted to a transcript. While having numerous words in your transcript is a good sign for a positive blog article, it certainly is not worth having all those words in the article. It is best to break down the content according to the speech and what is being spoken so that they can all form many little articles that can be published on your blog.

It is always best to formulate a main heading and subheadings or a main article and sub articles so that you get at least four to five articles from an hour-long audio or video recording. Having many articles published over a period of time helps your blog and/or website to be visible to search engines with fresh content so that it always looks as it is being updated on a regular basis.

You do not want to have the whole transcript published as a single article as it would devaluate your blog and/or website and it would be available in the search engine rankings for if you days or period of time and then would eventually go down the rankings as other articles are published on various other blogs and/or websites. You do not want to have your ranking diminish and have your blog or website be funneled down to the bottom due to one single article.

Once you have gotten the transcript to your audio or video recording, it would be great to think about the best possible ways to diversify your content. Using the content as is, will get the job accomplished, but you would want to think of ways of making the content engaging and long-lasting, such as the use of infographics, slideshows, and presentations which would make the reader to want to come back to read your content and be more engaged with your website.

Converting of audio and video recordings to transcripts is an investment for the long term. This process will provide you with content that is long-term and spread over a period of days, weeks, months or even years, giving your blog and your website fresh and engaging content, which would be unique in its own way and would save you a lot of time and money for getting articles written from an outsourced company.

The articles will also help you in Search Engine Optimization or SEO and would help your website or blog to be ranked higher in search engine rankings. This will also provide you with better return on investment and provide you the visibility that you need in promoting your transcription services and website. People will be drawn to your articles and would want to take up your services so that they can also experience the engagement that you provide.

Basically put, converting audio or video recordings into articles and having them published on your blog or website gives you and your services visibility and better perforation into peoples thought process so that they unconsciously recommend your services having been a customer of your blog through which they came to know about your transcription process.

If you are looking ways to better engage with people and promote the services and getting more return on investment in your audio or video recordings, then I would definitely say that getting it transcribed and converting it into small articles, over a period of time for your blog and website is the way to go.

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