Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Recording Audio for Transcription Purposes

There would have been times when you would have felt the need to go back to that interview / speech / discussion / brainstorming ideas to know what all you said and discussed and wished that you had recorded the session or taken down notes to review them later.

Today I would be explaining the different options on how to record audio for transcription purposes, so that you can get the best audio quality and low file size to provide for transcription (conversion to written format) to the vendor or the person who would work on the file.

There are many things which you have to consider when you record audio for the purpose of transcription - audio quality, file size, distortion effects, telephone line quality (long distance calls) cell reception, digital recording, file conversion options, etcetera. Also, you would have to weigh in that the transcriptionist would be going through all of this to provide you with a readable text document for the audio that you have provided.

For small file size, you can record the audio or have the audio converted to the following format after recording.

Mp3, 16 kBits/s, 11.025 Hz, Mono

For quality recording, you can record the audio or have the audio converted to the following format after recording.

Mp3, 128 kBits/s, 44.100 Hz, Stereo

You can also experiment with the various bit rates and frequencies to get the best and optimal recording, but do keep in mind that with a small file size you will have some distortion and with quality recording your file size will go up.

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